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Choosing the Right Glove

Glove Protection

Technology, within the hand protection industry, has lead to specific glove styles for nearly every application. Having the proper hand protection is at the forefront of safety. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) accounts for 1,080,000 emergency room visits by workers annually. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that 110,000 days are spent away from work due to hand and finger lacerations.

Hand protection is critical for the worker as well as the company. With the proper hand protection employers can reduce unnecessary injury to employees, days away from work as well as workers compensation payouts.

Are you and your employees properly protected?

Below are several questions to be considered when choosing a proper glove.

  • What is the application of the glove?
  • What dangers are posed to the hand? Heat, chemical, lacerations,etc
  • What causes glove breakdown throughout the application? Rough surfaces or products, chemical exposure, heat exposure, or sharp objects like blades from machines.
  • How much dexterity is needed? Is a sensitive touch necessary – this will aid in determining the thickness needed.
  • What type of grip, smooth or rough, would best fit the application? Rough grips are best for applications with oily or slick processes.
  • What chemicals are employees exposed too? This will effect the material of the glove as well as the breakthrough time.
  • Does the application expose the employee to a multitude of hazards? Which hazards?
  • How quickly does the glove need to be removed? Is there any risk of arm or wrist injury? This will effect the cuff style as well as length of the glove.
  • What is the length of wear time for the glove?
  • Consult a glove sizing guide to determine glove sizing.

Once you have answered these question you are ready to choose a material as well as a glove style for each respective application and or process.

Find the right glove for your application at http://www.abcosafety.com/c-60-hand-protection.aspx

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